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Clock Detail

  • Insert the (3) shaft assemblies into the back plate #1 nylon bearings.
  • Align the top plate #2 over the shaft assembly ends.
       (Make sure shaft assemblies rotate freely)
  • Secure with (2) screws #30 (5/8" long)
       (Do not use longer screws)
  • Insert the (2) screw caps #33 into the front plate #1.
Clock Detail
  • Align the dial #11 to the pre-drilled holes on the back
    of front plate #2 and attach with (2) screws #26.
  • Carefully cut out paper dial. Apply thin coat of glue to
    front side of front plate #2 Spread thin with finger.
    Wait till glue is tacky. Press on paper dial.
  • Press spindle #12 into front plate #2.
Clock Detail PAGE 3. HOUR HAND and WEIGHTS
  • Load front gear #13 onto spindle #12
       (Carefully allign teeth with pins on bottom shaft)
  • Press hour hand #15 onto tapered bush on front gear #13
       (This is also how you set the time)
  • Press knob #37 onto end of spindle #12
  • Thread braided cord #48 around pulley #16.
  • Slide heat shrink tube #56 onto each end of cord.
  • Thread left end of cord through large metal weight #46
    and right end of cord through small metal weight #47.
  • Slide heat shrink tube #56 over each end of cord and
    carefully hold next to candle flame or heat gun until it
    shrinks onto cord. (DO NOT hold above flame).
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